Our Community of Practice

Education Support

 The Fidal Institute publishes books and scientific articles. Fidal has published more than 30 books dedicated to teaching, research and international culture.

We work together with researchers to help them publish the results of their researches and with universities to increase their research and publishing abilities.

We organise conferences and seminars.

We setup a Community of Practice named One World Research Group.

We offer training for Canadians wanting to work in Asia and China

One World Research Group

The One World Research Group is a community of practice oriented toward research, and is composed of  researchers from many countries (Canada, Ecuador, Thailand, Philippines, China)

– Most members are established researchers or graduate students

– Many members have completed a PhD

– Some have done  a Postdoctoral program at UQAM.

Its objectives are to:

– Group researchers from many countries

– Do joint publications.

– Facilitate data collection.

– Organize scientific conferences.

– Organize seminars.

– Participate in the leaderships of International Academic

University Consortium of the Americas

The University Consortium of the Americas (UCA) is a non-for-profit association which helps universities in different countries run joint programs, train faculty, and exchange information and resources.

UCA acts as the interface and project manager in International Programs. UCA helps international students to get access to universities in Canada and USA at all levels. UCA helps foreign students transfer credits to American Universities and obtain a US degree. UCA offers special programs in China with prestigious  Chinese universities. UCA acts as a link between North American Universities and foreign Universities.